Dancing Man Knives & Ulus   Maynard Linder - Homer, Alaska

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Where to Purchase

Local Showcase: from the Hands of Alaska
This is Maynard's wife's store, on the Homer Spit.
Meriam's store carries exclusively hand-crafted-in-Alaska products, and of course features Maynard's knives and Meriam's jewelry, hair barrettes/sticks, antler masks and other art.
On the Hands of Alaska web site, access photos of every Dancing Man product.
OnLine Cart: YES
Order by eMail: Yes
Order Year Round: Yes

eBay Store (Local Showcase)
This is an eBay store, managed by Maynard's wife, Meriam.  Selection in the store varies, and does not represent the complete inventory.  However, you can see pictures of specific knives available for purchase.
OnLine Cart: Yes
Order by eMail: Yes
Order Year Round: Yes
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